Hi, this is Gergely. Welcome to the world of gearbox schematics!

Browsing the internet, you can find a vast amount of animations and figures about vehicle gearboxes and transmissions, but… most of them are created to impress you, not to explain the way they work. They are far too complicated for most of the curious ones.

With this site, I aim to give you a collection of simple drawings, explaining the principles of vehicle transmissions. No matter, whether automatic, dual clutch or hybrid transmission, heavy duty truck or passenger car, you will be able to figure out how modern transmissions work. No 3D models, cross sectional cuts, only what you need to understand.

Gearbox schematics in their purest form.

Therefore, my schematics are fairly close to the real structures, but not ‘too’ close. You will find only the basic elements which are essential to understand the working principle. Additional details, which would have greatly increased the complexity of the drawings, are skipped. If you miss those details, you seem to be already familiar with the basics and might proceed to the next level.

But until then – enjoy!